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How Advanced Psycho-Cybernetic Installations Work

Our worldview is the system of thought, through which we evaluate and judge ourselves and the world around us. We determine our relationship to the world through our worldview. Our worldview is largely created through socio-cultural programming during childhood. This programming takes place in the theta brainwave state as it is a wavelength that connects the child with the whole planetary magnetic field in a super learning state. In other words, the child is magnetically still cosmically connected. As we grow older the dominant brain wavelengths shorten, closing in our awareness around the more focused ‘reality’ we have created for ourselves.


During psycho-cybernetic programming your brainwaves are entrained to the childhood theta wave state. Through a process of progressive relaxation, disassociation with the body is effected which combined with the theta entrainment, temporarily shuts down the reticular activating system of the brain (the guard), opening a direct conduit into the unconscious. This is called the induction phase.


After the induction phase a metaprogram is activated which, in time, will allow you to activate the self metaprogramming state whenever you need it to open a programming portal into your unconscious. Next, the payload is delivered in the form of a series of thought formulas. At certain intervals during the program you given an opportunity to visualise the imprints. There is also a phase where you will visualise the desired outcome, or objective of the specific protocol. These visualisations create your new mental realities which must inevitably manifest because all realities begin in mind.





In the case of consciousness expansion programs, the thought formulas are delivered within a meme envelope, structured to develop a higher archetypal mindworld from which you can launch into higher states of awareness as you advance.


After the payload delivery, an extraction phase is activated to return you to your normal waking consciousness. You have spent time in your unconscious which, for you is a vast reservoir of everything you have ever experienced, but at a deeper level also the sum total of planetary experience, and even beyond.






Why can't we simply achieve this through affirmations? We can’t because the body has a guard against new input that changes the status quo. This guard is developed only in later childhood, because in the early years, the child has to learn practically everything it will need in life to survive - sight, speech and language, spatial orientation, balance and motor control, to name just a few.


Psycho-cybernetics turns off this guard and then implants the thought formula directly in the unconscious where it can develop its own associations over time and so alter the behaviour of the cyborg. In this way you develop new and better behavioural and thinking patterns without interference from old self-limiting belief systems. The true you has infinite potential and this is a way of unlocking that potential.


Remember, you are not the mind either - that too is a machine, albeit a vast one, made of the light in which you experience existence. You are the immortal indwelling soul - the ghost in the machine. So, by structuring new and better programs in the cyborg (not the randomly created cultural, social and personal ones), the soul can begin to express itself in a far more meaningful way.


The programs are not guided visualizations in the usual sense. It is a guided triggering system for your imagination to explore and create its own symbols from within a creation myth. Like all myths, it contains in symbolic form the truth of the eternal mysteries. The meaning of a symbol will always be unique to the individual. An example would be the meaning of a Tarot card; the card may have a defined meaning but its symbolic meaning in a reading will always be unique to you.


Psycho-cybernetics is a body-mind linkage tool that can be used to alter and develop perception.


Your body is an instrument of your mind. Ideally the body should be brought under control of the mind, not the other way round as is generally the case. As an instrument, controlled through an independent consciousness (you), the body can be said to be a cyborg. The cyborg functions autonomously in general, and is directed only when we wish it to do something specific. However, because we have identified with it through the senses since birth, we have developed programs in the cyborg that is largely directed at gratifying the cyborg senses. These programs are bad habits by and large.

The situation can be reversed. Through advanced psycho-cybernetic programming, which is both an art and a science, new programs can be installed in the cyborg which serve the indwelling soul much better. This program installation can be thought of as self metaprogramming. You can fundamentally change your behaviour and how you view the world. By controlling the cyborg correctly, life force can be accumulated instead of wasted.


Psycho-cybernetic programming has nothing to do with hypnosis. The process is gradual, deep, and happens with your full conscious participation. The new programs are installed in the form of thought formulas. This can be anything where behavioural modification is required and over time the cyborg simply begins to execute these programs automatically, which are positive, life affirming, productive habits instead of destructive.



A Laffoley psychotronic mind machine.

“When the imagination and willpower are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.”


  - Emile Coue -

     from his book Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion  

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