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What Is Expansion Of Consciousness?

Expansion of consciousness is the journey towards the realisation of your true self. It is discovering the awesome cosmic mystery that is you. It is discovering the knowledge of the mysteries of creation, called gnosis, which are all innate to you. Hidden deep within the recesses of your soul and at the same time displayed openly in Nature all around you, are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of meaning. You and nature are one inseparable entity. The moon, the sun and all the stars shine within you. All reality is experienced in your mind. All that is without and all that is within are part of the same whole that is the cosmic you.


In the highest realisations of consciousness, we are One, expressions of One Space and One Love. Expansion of consciousness is a growing experiential awareness that the Universe, as One Cosmic Consciousness, can experience itself through you.

Understand What Power Lies Within You

True expansion of consciousness is development into becoming fully human. It is understanding and reaching your full potential through creativity as co-creator in the Universe. This creativity begins with developing your creative faculty, your imagination. It is the first step on the path that opens the door for other energies to flow into your life and to awaken your inner senses. It is the first step in learning that you are the co-creator your life through your mind.


Your mind exists within the mind of the sun. The sun is a three dimensional space vortex spinning from all directions into a four-dimensional point of infinite velocity, creating a time dimension - a mind portal - into the starry worlds of cosmic consciousness and love.

For you to own the keys to unlocking the vast realms of your unconscious creative mind, inherited as your human birthright, you need to understand who and what you are. You need to become a cosmic traveller under your own power. And you need to acquire the knowledge with which to make sense of your experiences so that it can expand your awareness in all spheres of your life. This begins with understanding that while you are you, you are also everything, and can experience everything. You are the drop of rain that can merge into the ocean to become the ocean.


The concept of an idea is not the realisation of that idea. The menu is not the food. To know the teachings of the mystery schools is not the same as knowing the mysteries themselves. No amount of learning can lead to gnosis. Gnosis is attained through experience. You need to become an embodiment of the mysteries. These experiences are inherent in the Universal Mind, attainable through expansion of consciousness into the realms of awareness that contain them. Gnosis is a very beautiful journey of awakening, every expansion a new dawn, fresh and alive and filled with mystery.