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The Russian astronomer, Nikolai Kozyrev, showed that time itself is generated in stellar cores. Time, the fourth dimension, has topology which we perceive as the storylines that make up history and determine the future. Timewaves are the effects that flow from a causal event. A cronotopology is a time map, or time complex, made up of the interaction of timewaves which creates new conditioned events. When an event does not proceed out of a cronotopology, it is called a singularity - a causal unconditioned event.


The premise on which consciousness psycho-cybernetic programs are based is the idea of an hierarchical structure of cosmic consciousness that guides the evolution of solar systems and individual planets from distant, highly evolved and integrated star systems. These very ancient solar metaminds operate in the higher mental cosmic planes and can project realities to relatively unevolved solar systems such as ours. These projections or star communications are in the form of timewaves which influence certain large scale cronotopologies. Nikolai Kozyrev and Nikola Tesla proved that the velocity of timewaves are instantaneously infinite and so is known immediately throughout the universe. We can also think of them in terms of quantum entanglement; they resonate only with their intended targets.


These hierarchies operate as consciousness systems of transmitters and receivers of timewaves. The timewaves are progressively stepped down from higher time dimensions to lower, eventually reaching us as ideas implanted in the planetary noosphere. These ideas then become available to those who can resonate with them. Those who are capable of receiving them, such as Pythagoras and Nikola Tesla, are generally regarded as the leaders of the race. Consider for a moment the cronotopologies that have been manifested through these two men. And Bach and Mozart and Van Gogh.


Singularities are evidence of projections of metamental complexes in the noospheres of the earth and the sun. They are an effect of cross-talk between dimensions of cosmic events in higher mental worlds. Examples are synchronicities, coincidences and the UFO phenomenon. They emerge without cause, and yet, can create new cronotopologies.


Generally these effects appear relatively small because they are random and seem pointless. But because of the butterfly-effect this however, is not the case. The reason these phenomena seem to make little sense are because they are projections of cronotopologies of cosmic metamental complexes that our relatively simplistic linear time dimension cannot resolve;  it’s like trying to project a high resolution image onto a sack cloth. In the non-linear, higher time dimensions their meaning and influence on our evolutionary trajectory becomes evident.


We can transcend our limitations and make contact with these higher time dimensions, thereby becoming vehicles for evolution rather than inertial systems of retardation.



Cosmic Evolution And Metamental Complexes

Coincidence Control

Working in the time dimension instead of the spatial dimensions we are used to, we work with the art of coincidence control. In the new physics, time energy is estimated to exceed space particle energy by at least 10 to the power 30 times. Time flux therefore has virtually unlimited power. Time is controlled through mind because time lies in the phase space between mind and physical reality. This time energy comes from the sun's core which, being a spherical vortex, is hyper-dimensional. In other words, it is godlike. We too are godlike, being co-creators in the universe through our most precious gift, imagination. Therein lies our power of coincidence control. This is our next big evolutionary step.


Coincidence control only comes with expanded consciousness. It requires the development of a deep sense of responsibility towards others and the ability to think four-dimensionally. As it is, most of the human race only thinks two-dimensionally. If I ask you to think of a wave you most likely think of waves or ripples on water. Two dimensional. Now try to imagine the ripples and interference patterns created by three dimensional spherical sound waves in the ether coming from two speakers and you will see the difficulty. (It is the ether that propagates the sound waves that disturbs the air that creates physically audible sound - scientism deals with effects, not cause). The next step is to think in the time dimension. Then you can begin to consider coincidence control.


We are all aware of the crises of the planet and no apparent solution seems in sight. We are the solution, you and I. Group minds, creating advanced collective metamental complexes in the noosphere are the solution to our immediate problem. This is the only way of raising planetary consciousness to a point where the current destructive capitalistic and nationalistic thought forms can be superceded by a system of thought that is life affirming instead of genocidal. Responsible freedom governed by higher mind is the only way around our current impasse. In order to get there we can create higher consciousness metamental complexes in the planetary mindsphere that we all share, in order to manifest planetary abundance and freedom. Tesla had given us all the tools we need to achieve this.


The greater the responsibility we can handle - love - the greater the freedom we shall have.

Metamental Complexes

From the Dreaming of the most ancient Lemurians to the Seventh Ray Rituals of High Magic of the Atlanteans, to the meditations of the Mystic East, all have paved pathways in the mind spheres for us to use. They have made it easier for us to enter the planetary mind sphere - the Noosphere - and from there to elevate our consciousness to the heavens.


Jung described the collective unconscious as being made up of archetypes and the individual unconscious of complexes, built upon those archetypes. A complex in the Jungian sense can be defined as a cluster of psychically charged associations, usually unconscious. A complex has the power to condition the behaviour of an individual because of the psychic energy it has accumulated over time through association. A complex can be positive or negative - spiritual energy of itself is neutral - it is life. It is mind associations that make it detrimental to, or supportive of life's processes. For a better understanding of these processes see my page on The Alchemists.


A metamental complex exists autonomously in the noosphere, exercising its influence, not only on the group of minds that created it, but on the planet as a whole. When focused on a single concept or thought form, a metamental complex has the power of the exponent of the number of minds that created it. This means that a group mind of five people can affect a thought form as 3,125 people normally would in a random way.  



As the psychic energy in the mind space grows, it gains an autonomous character and can exist independently of those who created it. It becomes an extant structure in the noosphere. Such a metamental complex is immensely powerful as it contains the accumulated spiritual power of association, and time, as well as the exponential power of the group mind.


Needless to say, such a mind space should be treated as sacred, as one would any temple. A metamental complex is a shared mind world existing in the noosphere, which is just as real any physical space. Only now, it is built through symbols in the light of our collective consciousness.

We need to learn to project into time and see ourselves in the perfected state of our collective destiny as an integrated planetary consciousness. This is the time described as the Omega Point, when we return to our rightful home amongst the stars as an atemporal and non-local unified cosmic consciousness.  We need to create metamental complexes that guide us to our divine planetary cosmic destiny.


Myths and Symbols -

The Language Of Metamental Complexes

Just because scientism has lost its way in materialism does not mean we have to follow blindly. Take the example of the creation myth of Sophia of the Gnostics. It makes a thousand times more sense and connects with us at a much deeper level than the nonsensical big bang theory. How quickly science loses sight of the word theory in there. The word theory is an acknowledgement of the lack of gnosis. Myths tell the stories of spirit, of the life of our past and our future and not of the material workings of the physical Universe which is only a minuscule part of reality. Nature managed to build a planet that grows people entirely without our assistance. On what grounds do we think that we can do better? I am not saying that science does not have its place. The actual scientific method is a great step forward in evolution and real science has greatly advanced the human condition, but it should never replace our innate spirituality which is the essence of our humanity. Our spirituality is what keeps us in contact with our cosmic heritage, what keeps us alive and happy, and what makes us grow as human beings.


Symbols and myths belong to the domain of higher abstract mind, not the lower rational mind which is the domain of materialism. Rationality, being linear, cannot reach the abstract thinking of symbolism. This is why the true alchemists used symbols as a language in which to disseminate the mysteries. It automatically excluded the materialists (and still does) who completely misunderstood its meaning as making gold out of base metals. The gold, or the philosopher's stone that the alchemists spoke of is a symbol of the divine self that can be discovered within the gross, mundane and material self that we have come to identify with.  All the strange formulations that they spoke of are thought formulas for working with the three cosmic fires within, in order to reach that level of consciousness where they are masters of the physical world. Then of course, they could carry out any kind of transmutation they desired through an act of will. But first has to come the higher consciousness of the science initiate evolved into the adept.


In creating myths we create paths for consciousness to flow through. Myths are pathways for our creative imagination to develop into. We create inner worlds of myth through which we can exchange ideas as symbols - symbols for transferring psychic (spiritual) energy from the infinite unconscious into our finite here-and-now awareness. This transference of spiritual energy is transformative as it steadily merges the two worlds of our being - the lesser outer self with the greater inner self.


Symbols are the words in the vocabulary of the mind. Our dreams speak to us through symbols. Symbols, unlike the structured language of the brain, can contain in a single image a world of ideas and meaning.

The Urboros, from The Book of Lambspring, the work of an ancient alchemist, is a symbol of the cosmic truth that the microcosm - we - exist within the macrocosm, while the macrocosm also exists within the microcosm through mind.