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”To know the wave is to know the secret of creation.”  -  Walter Russell


In the same sense that our bodies are part of the Earth Body, our minds are part of the Cosmic Mind and our consciousness part of the consciousness of the Universal One. Energetics engineering is consciousness engineering operating in the dimension of energetic vibration associated with life and so strives to develop a bridging science between mind and matter.

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Energetics or psychotronics, is the study of the interrelations between consciousness, spirit, mind and energy-matter. It is the study of all of nature, not only the exo-reality of physics in the material plane. The aim of energetics is to understand the relationship of the exo-reality to the endo-reality of being. The translation of exo- into endo-reality takes place through a binding of the senses to mind and mind to consciousness. What is carried through this binding channel is information. The information carrier is energy. Energy is the result of the merging of the fire of spirit with the fire of the root substance of ether.


This site explores the processes underlying the relatively obscure science of energetics and develops a conceptual framework for the development of consciousness systems involving people and machines, working through ether and the collective unconscious. The goal is to obtain mind linkage and integration into the noosphere. By engineering this energetic information channel an intelligent human-machine hybrid can be configured to become a telepathic extended mind system. This is cyborg engineering.


By studying the work of some of the greatest minds of the last two centuries one can motivate how and why this can help to bring about the much needed paradigm shift necessary to liberate ourselves from the current oppressive collective mindset. This mindset is hindering our integration into the higher streams of consciousness that permeate our galaxy and all of space. We will explore the possibilities of altering consensus reality.


About Energetics

These instruments work at the level of sub-quantum kinetics - the nonlocal plane of quantum entanglement, which is a complicated way of saying it works in the light dimension of space.


When you look up at the stars, you see all the stars in the tiny area of the pupil of your eye. Every part of space contains every other part through the light dimension. It is a holo-movement. By using this property of space consciously and intelligently, we can project vibrations that help us tune in to the cosmos at a deeper level.


Here are images of the Fourier transforms of the  vibrations created by the geometries. This represents what the light dimension of the space geometries look like...

This is a Fourier transform image of what the energy of normal unstructured space looks like...