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"My feeling is that the concept of creativeness and the concept of the healthy, self-actualising, fully-human person seem to be coming closer and closer together, and may perhaps turn out to be the same thing"   -  Maslow, 1963

This is all a dream and we are all characters in the mind of the Cosmic Dreamer. The more we become actualised as beings the more we become co-creators of the Dream. This is our destiny. One Space, one Consciousness, one Love.


Actualisation is the process of becoming fully existent, of becoming actual. How many of us live the memes of others, of what society expects of us and of belief systems that have little or no foundation. Just think of fashion and vogue. To become self-actualised is to take personal responsibility, to break these bonds of mind. It is the process of becoming who we really are - of becoming creative individuals. True creativity depends on our ability to tap into the collective unconscious. We are conduits of the Great Creative Process and the more we become individualised the more we fulfil our life's creative purpose. Creativity is to give of the universal to the finite by being channels of intelligence and love.


This site describes the philosophy and processes applied by me to this end. It is a young science and we have much to learn, but freedom is a great incentive.


I study the theory and application of energetics as a means of mind expansion and vibrational upliftment. Through the use of scalar and Orgone technologies we can increase our mental and physical vibrations. This begins with brainwave entrainment to restore the proper functioning of coherent brainwave activity that has generally been impaired by stress and trauma. By regaining access to our full range of brainwaves we can re-enter the super-learning brainwave states of early childhood.


As we approach the doors of the unconscious in the theta wave, whole-brain synchronisation enables us to engage in deep problem solving and creative thinking. We can open the conduit to higher mind. True knowledge can only be gained through direct experience.


By applying the cyborg principal in practicing brain wave entrainment in groups, we can enter collectively into altered states of consciousness that can bring about greater telepathic awareness of our one-ness. The scalar brainwave entrainment technology allows us to access brain wave frequencies which are out of reach in our normal consciousness states.  This allows us to increase the bandwidth of our space-mind channel. During these sessions we often experience a sense of peace, oneness and belonging, not just toward each other but also toward the Earth and the Cosmos. In these states of at-one-ness we learn the meaning of being. The healing of the individual and global psyche has to happen from within. When we are balanced within we are in harmony with nature and it is only then that we can begin to understand our place and meaning in the universe.  This is the platform we create from which to launch the thought forms of the new age.


Energetics is a subtle art and the traveller needs to become an adept psychonaut. It is a process, not the sledge-hammer instant gratification methods of the existing paradigm, which sees only effects and treats only symptoms. In the search for cause we must take responsibility for our own bodies and minds. It is a process of growth - of becoming actualised. It is the shamanic journey of the new age. As we grow, our horizons expand until before long, we realize that there are no limits, that we are denizens of the Universe. We have the capacity to dream any Dream into reality.

Self Actualisation