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The Alchemists

This is a brief backgrounder of a very misunderstood spiritual path that has left behind one of the greatest legacies the world has for advancement. The true alchemists, of which there were only a few down the ages, understood that there are three cosmic fires, which when blended and fused correctly brings about vessels for consciousness. They understood the nature of the cosmos. The alchemical process was about working with nature, rather than opposing it, to bring about a perfected state of being. In other words, they understood that it lies within the power of the human being to accelerate his evolution.


Because they knew that they held the power and mysteries of the Universe in their hands, they kept it secret from those who would abuse this knowledge. The materialists. To keep attention diverted from themselves and send the materialists on a wild goose chase, they created a myth about turning base metal into gold, which of course spawned a flurry of pseudo-alchemists and conjurors which attracted the attention of the courts of Europe. But within the myth, they buried the truth in the form of symbols, writing at once in a common language of chemistry and in the higher metalanguage of symbolism. The base metal being turned into gold becomes the gross personality transmuted into the transcendent soul. The Philosopher’s Stone becomes the “Jewel in The Lotus” of the Buddhists, the great gift of the human being held secret in the body.


The alchemists understood that all material existence emerges out of a single substance, the ether. They speak of only the one substance. Electro-magnetism is the effect of separating this substance into duality, electricity and magnetism. Male and female. Electro-magnetism is pretty much as far as modern science has got insofar as understanding the Universe goes. For the rest, like the pseudo-alchemists, they are stuck in the material world of effects and multiplicity and are unaware of the world of singularity and cause.


This of course does not mean that the alchemists could not carry out transmutation of matter. But they did not do it through chemistry, which would be working within the world of effect. The did it through will, working from the higher dimensions of mind, of cause. The processes they describe are metaphors for processes of mind to achieve the great work of seeing matter for what it really is, at which point you can pretty much do with it whatever you want. The philosopher’s stone is the secret to realisation, not conceptualisation, of what we actually are.

The three cosmic fires are that of Life, of Mind and of Matter as shown above. In the Ancient Wisdom these are described as the Divine Electric Flame, Solar Fire and Fire By Friction, respectively. To get a hint of how the alchemist thought, we can look at the symbols they ascribed to the three Fires, Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. You figure it out :)  


When the three fires are blended we have a vehicle for consciousness, for soul to emerge into existence. The ratios and quality of the three fires vary from being to being. From a cockroach to a saint, everything in existence has to have soul to be, it is just the degree that varies.


The great gift of the alchemists is that they have shown that these fires can be separated, worked with, and recombined, just as it obviously has to occur in nature. Perhaps the most misunderstood fire of all is the fire of Life, called the Holy Spirit in the Bible, which is generally confused with the soul. Life is everywhere, it is inherent in space as much as electromagnetism is, and is apportioned to a body for a while and then returns to the pool. Thanks to the work of Wilhelm Reich, for which he was persecuted, we can now measure this fire of Life, Spirit or Orgone as he called it.


Properly understood for what it is, this Fire can be transferred across electromagnetism as a catalyst, into the time dimension and then through time into the mind dimensions This process is called ortho-rotation of dimension. In other words, you can transfer your awareness, through life force, from the physical plane into the mental planes of existence. The only ‘but’ here is, that to enter into higher dimensions of consciousness you need a lot of this Fire, or spiritual energy, and finding it is not that easy. Study the alchemists!