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The cyborg, an instrument of consciousness, should be greater than the sum of its parts because its goal is to attain mind linkage, not only between its human participants but also to extra-dimensional intelligences and perhaps even the informing intelligences of our solar system [7]. The cyborg should be capable of accessing reality hitherto unavailable to us – capable of incepting something new. Such a process is a logical extension of psychotronics and radionics as it deals with the integration of mechanical, electrical, organic and mind elements into consciousness systems..


Ether at the level just before manifestation, the transitional stage from mind into matter, is both plastic and fluid-like but informationally geometric in structure. The first level of materialised thought-form is the highly geometric molecular structures underpinning all of physical reality. The purer the geometric structure, the more closely it is resonant with causative space geometry (in other words, closer to its fundamental wave with fewer informational harmonic overtones), whence all the powers attributed to crystals.

It is said that the Atlanteans stored information in crystals. There is of course no way of telling whether this is true but it is conceivable to me that information could be stored in space, and then ‘tuned’ for ready retrieval through crystal resonance. Many shamanic traditions closely associate crystals with conscious programming. Such a system has unlimited potential as all information is already contained in space – the "akashic record". The retrieval system could therefore be a cyborg space-to-crystal mind linkage. Retrieval would be a controlled process of remembrance through the crystal and only limited by the imagination of the "tuner".

Laser charged crystals - notice the interference patterns

There is no limit to the size of the cyborg as all minds can in theory be simultaneously engaged and I suppose, aeons from now, will be. Planetary and solar.


We have been conditioned to think about space only from the perspective of physical reality. But mind worlds exist which upon entering them, are as real to us as this physical world. Just remember those numinous dreams you have had and the strange and wonderful cities you have visited in them. The laws of physics as they interact with mind are somewhat different in these dimensions as one can for example levitate through will. There are other differences as well; the most important being perhaps is that electricity behaves very differently. It is much more under control of mind and will require training to use. These extra-dimensional worlds are inhabited by a wide range of beings. In some of these world the skies are filled with ships, quietly sailing through dimensions. The only space travel that is realistic is dimensional travel. Informational projection is adimensional and can therefore place one anywhere near-instantly (see Kozyrev’s laws of time). As creators we can work with cause as well as effect. It is difficult to know to what degree these dimensions are cohesively projected. We know our physical reality is projected by at least seven billion minds and sustained by the numerous meta-minds in space - whence its physicality. It will take a lot of research to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of these hyper-worlds.


Techniques by which these hyper-worlds can be accessed have been in existence for thousands of years. It is different from the typical ‘lucid dreaming’ and unconscious mind access techniques based on Dr Carl Jung’s ‘active imagination’. It exploits morphic resonance with the crystalline structure of etheric space itself. The mind ‘sees’ physical reality through the optic nerve and the occipital lobes. The actual process of seeing however takes place in mind, not the brain. Once the brain is taught that it can process sight from higher mind dimensions just as well as from the external senses this transition becomes quite easy. Think of it as a martial art of the mind. Depending on the individual, it requires a training process of a few months.


The relevance to the cyborg and psychotronics is that we can now construct systems from both sides of "reality". Remember Bearden’s fourth law of logic – opposites on their boundary are identical. Considering the nature of psychotronics, is should be possible to construct machines in endo-reality which not only affect the "channel" but also exo-reality. We already have evidence of this through Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The only difference now is that the "ghost in the machine" is a living person constructing a psychotronic transmitter in another dimension. Using hyperchannel communication through scalar waves, communication should in theory be possible between the physical and hyper-space realms. With psychotronic projection, a shared mind world can be created and systematically developed and strengthened through morphic resonance. Group meditation experiments have shown that the effect of mind in its power of inception increases by the exponent of the number of minds engaged in focused will-thought. This means for example that three minds in coherence are twenty seven times more powerful than one mind alone; ten coherent minds are ten billion times more powerful than one.


In this way small communities can be started in parallel dimensions that can in time instil the meme of true freedom. These groups can begin to actively meme engineer a new reality that, because of its position from a higher informational dimension, should, through morphic resonance not only make it easier for others to follow, but also therefore begin to influence and alter consensus reality. This work can continue post-mortem as the individual will have had practice at controlled mind travel. Remember, just as the physical body is of sun matter, the individual mind is a body of mind matter - a thoughtform. Thoughtforms are timeless though local resonance fades (sinks deeper into the collective unconscious) as time-distance increases.


Hyperchannel gateways can be constructed through collective psychotronic meme transmission. Thoughtforms, energetic vibrations and sound can be transmitted and amplified through ground-radio, a process of imprinting information on the earth’s telluric currents.



Sending good vibrations to mothership Earth


These vibrations can be received remotely and amplified to physically connect the cyborg anywhere on the planet. Tesla proved that this is possible. Plant a copper pipe in the earth outside your window and connect your shortwave radio antenna to it. You'll notice that in time the signals become stronger as the earth becomes aware of you and also that they vary with the phases of the moon. If you're astute you may even notice that the energy received by your radio is not electro-magnetic. It exhibits definite behaviour of its own. Try it! Oh yes! - disconnect before a lightning storm. Lightning travels through the earth. It could be a short one-way trip to the other side.


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