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The Hyper Channel

A mathematics genius, Charles Muses has in number theory (a very advanced from of mathematics), postulated a new type of number which incorporates mind as a fundamental component of dimensionality. He described a system of hypernumbers that ( I think... this is heavy stuff ) shows the underlying unifying structure of numbers in higher dimensions. The first of these hypernumbers is √-1, the square root of minus one. I believe there are other such hyper-spatial objects (my term) that come to us through mathematics, such as strange attractors in chaos theory, Benford’s Law and certain mathematical series that result in what I can only call strange numerology attractors. None of these have a rational foundation related to our three dimensional world, yet show rigorous mathematical or empirical consistency. There is an archetypal component to all the laws of physics. Archetypes and symbols is the language of universal mind - or looked at in a different way, topologies in time. We can visually understand these things.


The hypernumber √-1, was adopted in electrical engineering to graphically describe phase relationships between energy flux and potential. Bearden adopted it to describe orthogonal relationships of dimensions. It turns out with careful scrutiny that these relationships overlap so that a coherent hyper-spatial engineering practice can be developed using phase in such a way as to affect the cause-effect relationships of time. By differentiating energy in time, electrical signals can be transformed into timewaves. Tesla was the first to discover this relationship. He maintained throughout his life that his machines did not work only with electromagnetism but also with the ether. Ether vibration is the primary energy which incorporates the attributes of all the other energy forms of magnetism, electricity, light, heat and time. It was often referred to as luminiferous ether. Tesla regarded electromagnetism in his transmitters as an unwanted by-product, of which there will always be some component, of necessity. Bearden’s dimensional analysis through hypernumbers shows clearly why this is so.


By applying the principals of radionics to psychotronics, which in essence is a negative resistor tuning device, these timewaves can be applied to a much wider scope of functions such as hyper-spatial communication, navigation to extra-dimensional worlds and ultimately physical manifestation into consensus reality. This happens all the time as evidenced by spaceships entering and leaving our dimension at will.  Inter-stellar and even inter-galactic communication is theoretically possible because the hyper-spatial velocity of time is infinite (or near infinite). There are certain consciousness constraints as can be deduced from Benford’s Law, because of informational inertia, even in higher mental dimensions. Inter-dimensional communications is definitely possible as we can see from the long history of paranormal phenomena and practices such as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC).


The ultimate objective of the psychotronic cyborg is to create a seamless mind-matter interface. Bearden shows, from mathematical geometry (wizardry?), that by orthorotation of dimensions in stages of 90 degrees (in other words √-1, (√-1)², etc.) we are, after three orthorotations away from our normal 3-space, in mind space. The first two dimensional orthorotations correspond to electromagnetism and hyperspace respectively. By creating the correct phase relationships through the use of coils we can have an energetically contiguous uplink via the hyperchannel into mind space.

This is where we look at the mind-brain interface. The brain is a cosmic transducer – an infinitely sophisticated electrical step-down transformer. Every neuron is an organic electrical amplifier that generates very tiny electrical pulses similar to radar [5]. This makes every axon a potential tuning device and so we can view the brain as a three-dimensional, holographic, trillion-stringed harp that can tune to anything, with a practically infinite set of harmonics. Considering the opportunities offered by such a system, present day chemical interference, photonic stimulation or even magnetic resonance imaging seems crude and primitive. The question is now how to create true three-dimensional oscillations in the brain interface.


Dr Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist by profession, introduced us to Orgone; his term for life ether and gave us techniques for manipulating and channeling it. Most of his work was confiscated after his death and it has taken decades to reconstruct it, but it has been done and we can now work directly with Orgone and also imprint information on it.


Through the work of a number of researchers, we now have methods to amplify and condition Orgone by combining it with electromagnetic energy. Materials can be made (called Orgone-matrix materials) that can be excited to create vibrations subtle enough to resonate and activate bio-energy, life ether or prana. This energy directly acts upon bio-systems. It can be focused and modulated. Scalar waves, a term coined by Bearden referring to waves that propagate in time but not in space can be transmitted in this way. These scalar waves are timewaves, so enabling us to differentiate time and thereby altering the information stream that ultimately manifests as the various forms in reality. We can thus access the hyperchannel. As Bearden put it: “we have only just begun to comprehend!