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We have seen that exo- and endo-reality is the informational imprint of time on consciousness. Because our plane of experience exists in the zero'th dimension of time (we exist only in the moment) we experience time as linear and unstructured. But seen from higher time dimensions it has structure, it is a thing, similar to our universe being a thing. We have the advantage of seeing our universe through three dimensions so it is easy to understand. To understand the structure of time is not so easy.


Through the work of Nikolai Kozyrev we now know that time too is wavelike, though in a four-dimensional sense, and that therefore we have a means of interfacing to and influencing time waves. Time is the informational energy behind our perceived reality and so by altering time, we alter reality. To understand how time can be wavelike, as waves already exist only in time, we have to understand our time dimension as a four dimensional wave. Imagine a melody. It has no reality in the moment. Its existence is entirely in time.


Bearden describes the manipulation of extra-dimensional energy and information as hyperchannel engineering because one of the properties of this energy is that it is superluminal. Our present science is based on Aristotle's three laws of logic. In other words, rational expression in three dimensions. This of course in no way describes paranormal phenomena or the behaviour of psychotronic systems. To get there, Bearden gives us a fourth law of logic which states that on their boundary, opposites are identical or indistinguishable. So if we wish to find the cyborg interface, we have to find the boundary between mind and matter. This boundary is time. Because matter and thought share the same moment, they co-exist in the dimension of time. The time dimension connects a vast amount of three-dimensional spaces and mind worlds.



In order to formulate a working thesis, we have to briefly consider some of Kozyrev’s observations of time:

Time possesses a quality, creating a difference in causes from effects, which can be evoked by directivity or pattern. This property determines the difference in the past from the future.


Causes and results are always separated by space. Therefore, between them there exists an arbitrarily small, but not equalling zero, spatial difference.


Causes and results are separated in time. Therefore, between their appearance there exists an arbitrarily small, but not equalling zero, time difference of a fixed sign.


That time is a kind of information frequency beam transmitted from stellar cores.


That aluminium mirrors in some way interferes with time flux.


The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite.


















I should mention that these concepts tie in directly with Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology, where she describes in some detail an organic system of information exchange between certain stars such that it becomes clear that there are many highly integrated metaminds in space, each perhaps the equivalent of billions or even trillions of our minds.[7]


What does this mean in practical terms? It means first of all that time is a wavelike energy and that we always travel along this wave like a surfer on an ocean wave. The surfer does not see the wave move – it is stationary with respect to her but she sees the water pass, the shore coming closer. So we do not see time, we only travel in the moment and never leave it. We only perceive the existence of time through change. Everything is in constant motion – the effect of time. This moment, the here and now is the same moment in all mind worlds and through all of space, and so it - this instant - connects us to everything. This moment contains the whole past and the whole future - the past in memory and the future in our desires, as the mystics put it. Time is mirror-like in that whatever energy we put into it, it sooner or later reflects back to us. This is the great secret of magic and health.


What we perceive as reality is time projected onto the cinemascope of mind. Time is information, the projection or simulation of Idea. Soul, or consciousness exists outside of time and is therefore eternal. At this level the soul is consciousness drifting in the ocean of time but it is not part of that ocean - its origin and destination lies beyond illusion. But for now we drift with the cycles of time and what we perceive as a life is merely a season of humanness in time. As in all nature, the outbreath of life into spring spawns the blossom of childhood, then the summer of maturity followed by the beautiful autumn colours of old age, until the inbreath of life comes when we enter into the still rest of winter, existent only in mind, a period of abstraction before we blossom again into spring.