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Einstein’s equation e = mc² shows us that energy and matter are interchangeable. Like water and ice, this seems to imply that matter and energy are two states of the same thing. As orthodox science has no clear definition of what energy is (actually, no definition at all), they can therefore also not in any definitive manner state what matter is. Orthodox science has only so far been able to analyse and describe phenomena, not explain cause. As we look deeper into the structure of matter it becomes progressively less and less material. Matter at its most elementary level appears to be comprised of spherical standing wave structures of energy in space (see Links). A standing wave is created through constraint in such a way that its crests and troughs are stationary, like a guitar string. The stable differentiation of energy into the complex physical universe we see is due to the fact that these standing wave interactions can only occur at discrete frequencies. In other words the laws of sympathetic vibration and resonance operate at all scales of reality.


No physical explanation can be given for the specific resulting multiplicity of form. Why are stars round? Why do we exist in three orthogonally related dimensions? Why does a rock have its specific shape? Why are the laws of physics as they are? In other words, where is the blueprint of all that we experience, and how does that blueprint get communicated into the standing wave structures of elementary matter?


Walter Russell, a mystic and scientist explains that all of manifestation is the expression of the will-thought of Universal Mind through a process of uni-polar electrical compression. He provides a deep insight into this process and gives a unique explanation of the geometry of space and the wave relations of the elements in a periodic table based on relative frequency.

Walter Russell at 80

A Russell diagram of a light wave

Universal Mind is the adimensional Intelligent Source of all of the manifested dimensions, only one fractal of which we are collectively tuned to or resonating with. This electrical compression into incandescence (manifestation) is carried out through higher dimensional spiral waveforms, which we now recognise as time through the work of Russian astrophysicist Dr Nikolai Kozyrev.


Plasma streamers off a Tesla coil

In other words, time is the informational imprint on electrical energy for causative manifestation in a similar (but higher dimensional) way to how the pictures we see on TV are imprinted on electromagnetic waves. We can therefore see Energy-Time as the manifest expression of the intelligent Will-Thought of Universal Mind. This leads us to the understanding that mind and matter are identical in substance, differing only in degree of subtlety and electrical compression. The work of an American physicist Richard Feynman gives us some insight in how this process manifests at the extreme microscopic level where elementary matter continually undergoes virtual transformation in and out of extra-dimensional space. We can therefore see that the process of creation is continual and that what we perceive as reality is a ceaseless stream of projected Thought Energy. Timewaves becoming matter-waves.


What we visualise in our minds has no spatial reality - it co-exists only in the dimension of time. But since our perception of the external reality also occurs entirely in mind it becomes difficult to state just where external (or matter) reality exists. As discussed above, we are thought projections out of space at the developmental stage of pre-integration of the noosphere. If we now state Bearden’s three theorems [3] of phenomena,


Hallucinations are the phenomena or changes in one mind,


Paranormal phenomena exists in more than one mind but not in all minds,


Physical phenomena of consensus reality exists in all minds, holographically,







we can see that the difference between internal and external (endo- and exo-) reality is just the degree of mind integration and that there exists an in-between reality, which is not the all-or-nothing normally pursued by orthodox science. It is in this in-between reality that we study psychotronics. Through cyborg systems this in-between reality can be extended and become the seed of a new consensus reality.


Evolution, and we need to use that word as we have none better, I believe is a gross simplification of the true purpose of Life. In the big picture, the only evolution that occurs is that of consciousness. Its development is evidenced by our degree of sympathetic vibration with other consciousness. In other words, our level consciousness is measured by our integration with and awareness of the oneness of everything. As long as one human being is causing the suffering of another we shall all suffer and our planet will remain in isolation. The first step toward integration is therefore ahimsa – Sanskrit for harmlessness.